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How Many Sleeps?

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How Many Sleeps is a countdown APP for children that will countdown the number of sleeps until an event.

As kids countdown events, there's cool animations with music and characters they can identify with making it fun, informative and educational. 

There is also a fun feature called Scrapbook, where they can take pictures to keep for their memories.

We've tried to make it as intuitive to use as possible but as the parent, you'll need to help them out in order to get started.


Sleeps count down clock

Animated characters that kids can identify with and multiple users on the same iPad

Complete privacy

Designed for minimal information required to use 

Sharing memories

Scrapbook feature for photographing and storing memories

Flexible dates for any event

You decide the actual event date depending on what suits you best

Calendar style overview

Monthly calendar style overview with access to events

Intuitive setup

Separate parent and child access without the need for instruction

Check out the above video

Our main character can't seem to sit still! He's up and about and running around. But why?

What you’ll need

An Apple iPad

iPad Mini 2,3 or 4, iPad Air and Air 2 and all types of iPad Pro with iOS 11 or greater

Who’s it for?

For children between the ages of 2-7 years old and either a boy or girl