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Privacy and Data Policy

Protecting your privacy and data is very important to us. So we have created this page so you can understand what data is collected and how we use it. The privacy policy used may be found here:

Personal information: we do not collect any personal information from any of the users of this APP. Such items that we do not collect are your name, address, phone number, device ID, IP address or email address. 

Data collection: This APP however may collect data regarding the technical performance of the APP, particularly crash reports. This data is anonymous and does not contain any information which could be used to identify any specific user. 

We use Fabric by Answers for this purpose and their privacy policy may be found here:

We advertise and or promote aspects of the APP on social media, and use Facebook Analytics, which looks at things like where users download the APP from and helps us to create sponsored posts for brand recognition.

As the owner of the download, you can disable this under Settings on your iPad, if you wish.

Advertising: We use no advertising - either by banner or pop-ups,  whatsoever within the APP as we believe it infringes on the user experience.

In-APP purchases: We do not support in-APP purchasing. When you download this APP, everything is covered within the initial cost. There are no performance restrictions or limitations that require further payment to unlock, for example.

Social media This APP does not use any social media platforms to share personal information regarding the users of the APP.

The APP allows the user to take photos to keep for their memories, which are only ever stored within the APP. There is however an option to save photos to a directory named after the APP, within the device. This means photos are subject to the privacy policy of manufacturer of the device, in the same way all photos stored on the device are.

This policy is extremely restrictive in order to protect children who use the APP and to give both parents and guardians peace of mind that the APP is not collecting personal information about them. This design of this APP is based on users requiring only having to give the minimal amount of personal information as possible in order to use it. 

If you have any questions regarding the privacy of your children or yourself, whilst using this APP, please email us at: 

Effective November 1st 2018